Back 9 Holes

Bannockburn Golf Club

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Hole 10 – 177m

Start your back nine on a medium length Par 3, a straight hole with no apparent danger – if you keep the ball down the middle of the fairway. The scrape is a large fairly flat surface to the casual glance but there is a definite break there if you look hard enough.

Hole 11 – 496m

The second and final Par 5 on the course. From the Tee, the fairway lists right to left for the first 300 metres. The best line off the Tee is right of the big Manna gum on the inside left of the fairway, avoid landing behind it as it will limit your options for your second shot. Your approach shots to the scrape will be uphill and best played from the left side of the fairway. The scrape runs back to front with pin positions front left and back centre right. Over the back of the putting surface some 30 metres away is Out of Bounds, so avoid being long.

Hole 12 – 339m

At 339 metres, an easy Par 4 until you realise this is the tightest fairway on the course, hence the rating. Just hit the fairway to leave yourself a shot into a large scrape, running slightly up hill from the front right hand side. Best to land short and ease onto the surface for your putt.

Hole 13 – 328m

The first of consecutive dog leg Par 4s, this one turns hard right at the 150 metre mark. Decisions and options off the Tee – hit a driver but don’t go big through the fairway, or lay-up with Iron/Hybrid to the 150 metre mark on the centre left for a clear avenue to the scrape. Down the right – and you are cut out by imposing gum trees, often inhabited by our resident Koala population. Located either side of the scrape are heavily grassed mounds, avoid these for access to the large scrape which slides slightly from front left to back right.

Hole 14 – 326m

A left handers’ dream, dog leg right to left – hit a fade down the right and find the middle to leave yourself a short pitch in. Right handers, other than complaining about “bloody left handers” need to hit a draw around the corner or a straight long Iron/Hybrid to the right side of the fairway.

Hole 15 – 167m

Last of the Par 3s, played slightly up hill and often wind affected, you are better off being short to leave yourself an uphill chip and/or putt. Don’t be long, as it is hard to chip back on and stay on this sloping scrape – and too far you’re in the heavily wooded area.

Hole 16 – 368m

Rated 2, but many of the locals feel this is the hardest hole on the course. The hole bends to the right 120 metres out from the pin. Drive over a slight rise which creates a blind landing zone, needs to land centre left as anything right will be cut out by imposing Gums and Pine trees. Aim for your approach to land top right as the fairway and scrape run right to left and downhill. Pin positions are either top right or bottom back left.

Hole 17 – 295m

Another right to left dog leg, just to break the hearts of the right handed golfer. Played uphill, land your drive right centre – better off more right at the crest of the hill to give you a look at the flag. The scrape is built on a severe slope so land short to give yourself an uphill putt – anything above the hole will give you a fast, breaking downhill putt.

Hole 18 – 335m

A classic risk and reward hole….. A short Par 4 that turns 90 degrees at the 200 metre mark, straight up hill to the green. Many try to fly over the wooded area on the left, to get home in one. Some succeed, some fly over the green and end up Out of Bounds, the majority get caught by the big gums and find their ball amongst a tightly wooded area. The conservative golfer hits to the corner and has a wedge or short iron in. Whatever approach you take, one thing is for certain – you will stroll up the 18th fairway in the knowledge you have played the finest Sand Scrape course in Australia, and a cold drink and friendly welcome await you at the 19th.

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