Annual Membership Fees Structure for 2024

Adult Membership 7 Day ($8.65 a week)
6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP October to March or April to September ($9.23 a week)
Country Membership (residing >100km away)
Intermediate (18-21 , up to 25 if student/apprentice)($3.85 a week)
Junior (Under 18 with Handicap)
Junior (15-17 No Handicap)
Junior (Under 15 No Handicap)
Social (non golfing)
Green Fees


Pro-rata Fees

Both the Adult and Pro-rata Fee and the Intermediate Pro-rata Fee are based on the current year’s total fee. This consists of compulsory affiliations and the Club Membership Fee. Only the Club Membership fee component is subject to the pro-rata discount.  It is calculated on a monthly basis.  We have to pay full affiliation annually for each member irrespective of when they have joined.

Competition Fees
Saturday Men and Ladies: $10.00 (inc NTP’s, Magpie Hole, Ball Comp and Golden Hole)

Midweek 18 hole competition $5.00
Wednesday Ladies $5.00 (inc NTP’s and Magpie Hole)
4BBB and Mixed Events $20.00 per pair
Madden Knockout $20.00 per pair, Pay at time of entry.
Singles Knockout $15.00 per person.  Pay at time of entry.
Note: Players in the knockout cannot play in the daily comp at the same time.
Note: The midweek competitions are open to both men and woman golfers.
The competitions run from Saturday through to the following Friday. Players may play multiple times during the week and all cards are considered for handicap purposes.

Players playing in a knockout event cannot play in the daily comp at the same time.

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