Life Members

1969 Mr. Kroger who designed the current course layout

1969 Mr. Jack Dow. Long term member

1972 Mrs. E Ewart Foundation member

1972 Mrs. Noel Tanner. Legendary local golfer, 43 times winner of the ladies’ championship. Active Ladies’ Committee Member who had a profound impact on the club.

1977 Mr. Bill Tanner. Local policeman, multi-championship winner and influential member

1982 Mr. Harold Pattern. His significant contributions in building and renovating the clubhouse in the 70s. A very popular regular player.

1985 Mrs. Nancy Milne. Long term member, 10 year secretary of the ladies, promptly left and joined Belmont where she was club captain in their early years.
1990 Mr. Lance Cheeseman: Member on the old course, worked tirelessly on the new courses in the early years. Had a stint as President and became somewhat of a father figure.

1993 Mrs. May Coles. Ten Years as Lady President and a member from the new courses’ early days. Still graces the course occasionally playing a round.

1993 Mr. Murray Satchell. Joined in the first year of the new course, having held the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, President and Handicapper along with terms as Captain and Vice-Captain. Murray has been actively involved on the grounds committee. Still and active member who has been heavily involved in all of the major grounds projects the club has embarked upon.

1999 Mrs. Phyllis Rea. Joined in the early years of this course. She was on Committee and was also a long term treasurer as well as being an active participant in all club activities.

1999 Mr. Bob Croft. Joined in the early years of this course. Had a number of short stints on Committee. Was recognized mainly for his work in the bar over the years.

2007 Mrs. Heather Phillips. Had many years on Committee in mainly leadership positions as well as being actively involved in the South Western District Ladies Committee.

2007 Mr. John Cole. He had two stints as a member. When he returned the second time he went straight in as Secretary, followed it up as President and then as Handicapper. For a period of 15 years he was the mainstay of the Grounds Committee. It was his initiative that started the early Couch programs and he worked tirelessly to keep them watered.

2008 Mr. Bryan Harmon. Has held positions including Tournament Secretary, Bar Manager and is a long term Treasurer. Under his guidance he has kept the club solvent while still paying off some substantial loans. He has worked tirelessly around the course and was one of the main instigators of the Recycled water project.

2008 Mr. Clive Carroll. Member 1972-82. Rejoined in 1999. He became very active on the grounds committee and spent time as the “mower man’ as well as the odd job person who was always looking for ways to improve the course.

2010 Mrs. Doris Vickery. She is a long term member who was on Committee for many years. She was a regular worker at most functions and in the early days was very active on the Social Committee.

2012 Mr. Doug McKenna. A long term member who has had two main stints on Committee. First time around he was Bar Manager and was the initiator of the B B Q area. Second time he was back for another B B Q area nearer to the clubhouse. He has spent countless hours working of various projects around the course. He has pushed hard for equipment upgrades, hence the spray unit, the aerator and the front-end loader.

2013 Mr. Len Bagley. A former Local Bank Manager who stayed in the area, Len has been Captain, President and Committee member. Since retirement he has worked tirelessly as Bar and Function Manager as well as being the mainstay of the Ground’s Committee.

2015 Mr. Stan Madden. Stan was a very active member in the early development of the current course. He organized the first dam, laid the pipes for the first reticulation system and was the first to grow grass on the tees. He also had time as Captain and handicapper. Despite deciding to play golf on a greens course he maintained his membership and in recent years has returned to become an active player a Bannockburn.

2017 Eileen Lynch. Eileen joined the Club in 1974. She has been a member of the Women’s Committee for more than 25 of those years, and has held the roles of President and Secretary at number of different times during that period.
During her tenure as President, in 2001 & 2016 the Club hosted the successful Women’s Golf Victoria’s Sand Greens Championships which saw her lead the Ladies Committee through the successful organisation and delivery of these events.

2019 Bill Hughes. Bill has been a member since 1987, Club President for the years when many changes and improvements were made to the course and club, he has been Club Captain and member of the general committee for another 14 years.
He is one of clubs most proactive members who represents our Club at many other golf clubs’ tournaments and events though out the region.

2019 Glennis Jolly. Glennis has been a very active member of the Club since 1984 holding many various positions on the women’s committee including President and Captain during that period. She has always been very active with catering work for the many functions that the club has been involved in during those years.

2019 Dianne McKenna. Dianne has been a member of the club since 1987 and had a leading role with the catering activities of the club during those years. She was Women’s Committee Secretary for 5 years ensuring there was ongoing good club representatives for the women at events held throughout the golf district.

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