Results 20th February

Event Monthly Medal – Stroke

Monthly Medal winner H Donaldson 65 Nett

A Grade – M Brown c/b R Prince 70,

B Grade – H Donaldson c/b A Gulino 65, P Stanton 70,

S Moosbrugger, A Richards, J Harmon,

N Moskaljuik, B Bentley all 71.


1st B Moritz, 3rd C Cuncliffe, 8th A Gulino,

10th M Brown, 15th P Graham, 17th P Bowstead.

Birdie Hole 3rd A Gulino

Midweek 12 Feb

J Murphy 38, N Moskaljuik 36, B Hughes 34.

Midweek 19th Feb

M Doherty 39, G Moosbrugger 37,

M Pfarrer 33, J Bishop 32.

Chicken Run A Cubbins 20 pts.

NTP, 15th R Rogers

Next Week – Par




Thursday evening  beginners clinics will be conducted from February 25th until March 25th, 2021.

These evenings will begin at 4pm with the 5 week program costing $50.

The group size will be limited to 10 children so if interested contact Brendan on 0419379605.





Bannockburn Golf Club is open for play for Green Fee Players and Members. There are protocols in place to comply with Covid19 restrictions. All players are asked to observe Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene.


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