Results August 21st – Stroke

Event winners:

S Day 64, B Moritz, V Drew 68,

M McLaren, P Stanton 69, C Cuncliffe 70,

P Sheahan, C Shakespeare 70.

NTP’s 1st M Brown, 15th A Gubbins,

15th L Drew

Mid Week

M LeMaitre 36, B Hughes M McLaren 35,

J Harmon 34, B Moritz , H Donaldson 33,

M Pfarrer, J Murphy 32.

Monthly Medal and 2nd Rd Eaton Cup postponed



Bannockburn Golf Club Membership Fees

Fee type Current
First Year Family Membership $460
Ongoing Family Membership $500
Adult Membership $250
Intermediate Membership (18-21 and 23 if a student) $125
Junior (17 and under) $50
Junior/Junior $25
Social (non-golfing) $25
Green Fees (all day) $15
6 Month Membership (Oct-March; April to Sept) $180
Competition fees $6
Country Membership. For people residing at least 100 Kilometers away from the
Bannockburn Golf Course

Bannockburn Golf Club is open for play for Green Fee Players and Members. There are protocols in place to comply with Covid19 restrictions. All players are asked to observe Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene.

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