Our golf course is located in the heart of regional Victoria.
You can play the course seven days a week.


Bannockburn Golf Club

Front 9 | Back 9

Hole 1 – 140m

Rated 17 for the men & 18 for the ladies, the opening hole is a short downhill Par 3, however don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy start to your round. The fairway is a narrow tree lined chute of tall imposing Eucalypts that catch any wayward balls.  The fairway widens and opens up at the 100 metre mark with a flatter landing zone from 120 metre mark to the scrape. The scrape runs front to back right to left with pins placed front right and back left.

Hole 2 – 366m

The toughest hole on the course, from the Tee you are faced with a drive of 200 metres for men and 180 metres for the ladies – just to make the corner of this right dog leg hole. Once you are at the corner you are faced with an uphill second shot to a sloping scrape. The landing area just short of the scrape is extensive, aim to land top right and your ball will feed left onto putting surface. The putting surface has a severe slope and putts break significantly – allow for plenty of borrow.

Hole 3 – 148m

Respite! The third hole is a medium length Par 3, rated easiest hole of the course for the men and 16th for the ladies. Drive through a narrow chute of trees that opens wider as the fairway runs to the scrape. One of the higher points on the course – so take note of wind direction. The scrape is fairly flat and level, a good chance for birdie. Danger does exist if you go long, as Out of Bounds lurks 20 metres behind the scrape.

Hole 4 – 360m

A medium length Par 4 that bends slightly left to right, feeding down a slight slope to the putting surface. Ideally suited to the right hander with a fade off the tee. You will be greeted with a generous wide undulating fairway, land your tee shot middle left to provide yourself with the best angle into the putting surface. Aim to land your approach short, top right to allow ball to feed onto the sloped scrape. Pin positions are either top right or bottom left and both have a sharp defined break. A four is a good score here.

Hole 5 – 329m

A short Par 4 on paper, however in reality hole is a large left to right dogleg, with the right side of the fairway protected with bush land and towering gums. You have choices here, go over the trees and sail to the front of the scrape with driver or take iron or hybrid and hit to the corner leaving you 140 metres to the scrape. Don’t go long here as any mistimed shots may run into the substantial dam situated 30 metres behind the putting surface. The putting surface runs dramatically from top right to back left, pins alternate between top back right and front bottom left locations.

Hole 6 – 485m

The first of only two Par 5s on the course for men and alternates between a par 4 and par 5 for ladies depending on the tee in play. The hole meanders from right to left over a slight rise from the black makers your landing zone is unsighted, ideally land left middle as ball will feed down to the right providing an unobstructed view of the flag. The tree lined fairway is generous in its width however narrows at 100 metres from the scrape before opening up again.  The putting surface is one of the largest on the course and runs from top left to bottom right.

Hole 7 – 341m

Another medium length Par 4, once again there are options off the Tee. Take a driver or lay up to 150 metre mark with an iron, both options work. If you’re using a driver be careful not to run off the fairway as at the 100 metre mark the hole turns sharply to the right. Play your second shot in between the mounds either side of the scrape and the ball should ease onto the putting surface.

Hole 8 – 207m

The third Par 3 on the front nine, this one is a little more testing than the previous two. Playing generally with a cross wind from the right, the length of this hole varies from 190 to 207 metres for the men and just a little less for the ladies at 187 metres. The fairway is a long lazy slope down to the scrape with a flatter landing zone just short of the putting surface.  There is plenty of room either side and behind the scrape leaving you options to play a high chip or low running punch for your second shot. Walk away with 3 and you will be pleased with your efforts.

Hole 9 – 335m

One of the most beautifully crafted holes on the course. From the Tee, the fairway turns right to left then strides up the slope to a flat putting surface. The right side of the fairway is heavily wooded; any errant shot in there will cost you dearly. The drive ideally will be shaped with a draw for the right handed golfer; with plenty of choice on club selection – many favour a three wood or hybrid for position off the Tee.  Allow another club for your second as the slope can be deceiving, landing 10 metres short of the scrape you will find a large flat area that feeds your ball on to the putting surface. Pins are generally front left and right, tempting you to take them on, center of the scrape works.

"One of the finest sand scrape course's in Victoria, if not Australia"
- Andrew Green
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