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Bannockburn Golf Club Newsletter

August 2021

Bannockburn Golf Club’s vision

‘To provide a positive golfing experience with a country feel to our growing community’


The Clubs General Committee met on Saturday 14th August which resulted in the following outcomes.

Appointment Golf Course Architect

Expressions of Interest were sent out to 5 Golf Course Architects asking them to provide a proposal and costs to the Club to do a masterplan and a detailed design for our new grass greens. Proposals were received from all 5 Architects. The General Committee endorsed the recommendation of the Greens Working Group and have now appointed Pacific Coast Design (PCD) to do this work for the Club.

The Working Group meet with Director of PCD Paul Reeves on Tuesday who together walked the whole course in preparation of preparing the masterplan of the Course.

Practice Green

The construction of the proposed practice green beside the 1st tee has been put on hold for the time begin as it is now planned to be part of the overall masterplan of the course. This will ensue that the best site is chosen and then it can also be designed by PCD.

Green Fees Honesty App

The Club has implemented a green fee honesty app that allows green fee players to pay their fees though the app on their phone with their credit or debit cards. Now there two ways to pay green fees, the normal way with cash, and now with the app as many younger players do not carry cash anymore. This does not affect club members directly however, if you know any green fee players who like to play on our course, can you make them aware of this change.

Details of how to use the app are listed at clubhouse where fees are normally paid.


Using Xero Book Keeping Program

With the agreement of members to go ahead with the greens the General Committee has sort financial advice to find the most efficient way for the Club manage its financial affairs, considering the large investment the Club will be making over the next couple of years.  Callan Shakespeare one of our newer members from the Geelong accounting firm Shakespeare and Rae was contacted and has recommended the Club setup and use Xero Book Keeping Program that will consolidate all our banking accounts in an online digital form instead of written ledgers that we use now.

Callan has agreed to help the Club setting up this program up and monitoring it for the club for the next year or two. This will be a great assistance for Committee and the Clubs and long serving treasurer Bryan Harmon, to ensure that appropriate financial accounting is being done during the work on the greens project.

Callan and his firm are doing this work for the Club and are forgoing the normal charges that would apply which is greatly appreciated by the Committee.  We ask members to consider supporting his firm if they need any financial work or advice any time in the future.

Found item

A GPS has been found on the course a couple of weeks ago. If you have lost it or know someone that has, please contact Captain Max or myself for its return.






May you have many birdie putts!


Dick Van Den Bosch


Mobile No 0417 329 764

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